Interactions Can Improve Smart Speaker Ad Impact: Octave Audio

Here’s more science: Octave Audio reports that users who voice a brand’s name in response to a smart speaker show a 30% higher brain response than users who hear an ad without saying the brand name.  It’s not clear how that translates into conventional metrics like brand awareness and recall, but presumably it’s an improvement.  As Teen Talk Barbie might say, neuroscience is tough.

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Cartoon Videos Help Social Media Users Flag Misinformation: Google Research

August 29, 2022

You may have heard that podcasts occasionally include information that is not entirely accurate.  Shocking but true!  Google-backed research has found the “prebunking” with cartoon videos can help users recognize common misinformation techniques such as ad hominem attacks and false dichotomies.  The researchers seem pleased to find a 5% improvement in ability recognize such techniques within 24 hours of viewing the education videos.  Raise your hand if you think that’s enough to matter.

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Neustar Adds ID Resolution to InfoSum Data Clean Room

August 26, 2022

Data clean rooms let companies match consumer identities without revealing private information, but don’t solve the problem of making accurate matches. Neustar is stepping into that breach in a deal to make its identity resolution and data enrichment available within the InfoSum data clean room. InfoSum also announced a deal recently to enrich data clean room contents with IRI consumer data.

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