Interactive Features Head List of B2B Go-To-Market Tools: Demandbase Report

Here’s another unexpected result: Demandbase finds that just 23% of B2B marketers see free trials as their most important tool for attracting new customers, ranking far behind interactive features including product tours (46%), interactive demos (45%) and online calculators (43%).  You may or may not be surprised that missing (59%) and dirty (56%) data are the biggest data challenges while disconnected sources are cited by just 40%.

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Chameleon Raises $13 Million to Customize In-Product Experience

September 20, 2022

The folks at “no-code product adoption platform” Chameleon probably know how important interactive tools are, since they make it easier for SaaS products to deploy banners, tool tips, models, checklists, walkthroughs, help searches, and similar interactions.  They just raised a $13 million Series A.   Just to be clear: Chameleon adds elements on top of a SaaS product without changing how the product itself works.

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Flexera Buys Snow Software to Help Manage IT Spend

November 29, 2023

Do not confuse Snow Software, which helps companies track IT costs, with Snowflake, a cloud database often used for CDP-ish solutions.   Do take note that Snow has just been sold to Flexera, which also helps companies optimize their return on tech investments.  It’s a helpful reminder that cost-conscious IT departments are more than happy  to “help” marketers who are doing a poor job of controlling tech spend.

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