IT Leaders (Still) Prioritize Efficiency Over Customer Experience: GenPact, Acorio Research

Things look a bit different from the IT perspective. ServiceNow consultants Acorio found that companies are more focused on internal efficiency than customer satisfaction: for example, 76% track time to resolve an incident as a Key Performance Indicator while just 19% track customer satisfaction. Similarly, GenPact reports that CIOs are prioritizing projects such as artificial intelligence and cloud migrations, with customer experience tech ranked sixth on the list. One welcome bit of realism: just 22% of CIOs thought they were the primary drivers of digital transformation, while 61% recognized they were partnering with business unit leaders.

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Small Business Marketers Feel Tech Dominates Creativity: Shaped By Survey

August 10, 2021

Shaped By’s survey of tech marketers also highlighted the role of tech: half the respondents said marketing is dominated by technology while about one-quarter said it was dominated by creativity.  (The rest said they’re about equal.)   Interestingly, small businesses put tech dominance much higher (61%) while enterprise marketers split evenly on tech vs creativity (37% each).  I’d guess that small businesses struggle more with tech because they have fewer resources, but maybe there’s something else going on.

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