It’s a Post-Mobile World: BrightEdge Study

Few marketers will see TV as cutting edge. But even the 27% who see mobile as “the next big thing” are behind the times, according to search optimization vendor BrightEdge. It’s really a “post-mobile world” that will be dominated by technologies including voice search, artificial intelligence, and hyper-local targeting. There’s a lot of really interesting insight here, although BrightEdge hasn’t packaged it very conveniently.  For another vision of the future, check out this post on the Customer Experience Matrix blog.

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Data & Marketing Association Forms Industry Council to Address Cross-Channel Identity and Attribution

June 21, 2017

The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) has formed Structured Innovation Identity Council to work on cross-channel identity and attribution issues. Council members are vendors and brand marketers including Acxiom, Conversant, Experian, FCB/SIX, LiveRamp, IBM, Infogroup, MediaMath, Morgan Digital Ventures, Moxie, Oracle Data Cloud, Publishers Clearing House, TD Ameritrade, United States Postal Service, and 4INFO. The group is developing educational resources and maybe more.

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Funding: CognitiveScale Raises $15 Million and Element AI Raises $102 Million

June 19, 2017

Another theory is you like to read funding announcements. Okay, then: CognitiveScale, which offers customer- and employee-facing products that interpret and respond to user behaviors, recently added $15 million in funding, bringing its total to $50 million. Meanwhile, Element AI raised $102 million to grow its business, offers AI-based advertising, customer engagement, and contact center applications among many other things. Element AI says it’s the biggest-ever Series A funding round for an AI company.

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Customer Data Platform Industry Adds New Vendors: CDP Institute Report

July 12, 2024

Software vendors continued to add Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities to existing systems in the first half of 2024, according to the CDP Institute’s latest Industry Update report.  Nearly all of the dozen companies appearing in the report for the first time started as marketing or messaging applications and added CDP capabilities after they were built.  These firms accounted for most of the industry growth during the report period.

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