Jivox Extends Real-Time Personalization to Ad Content

Today’s newsletter could have covered sales enablement tools (boring but real) or automated creative (fun but speculative). No contest at all. Let’s start with Jivox, which assembles oodles of data on individual behaviors, context, and campaign performance; applies in-memory big-data machine-learning magic; and instantly pops out zillions of personalized messages. Hope I’m not too getting too technical here. What’s important is the messages are tailored to the moment as well as the person, so this is about managing a customer journey. Jivox has just extended its system to provide ad content recommendations, which demands especially quick response.

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IBM Embeds Watson AI Within Salesforce

March 8, 2017

IBM and announced a strategic partnership to connect their respective artificial intelligence products, Watson and Einstein. What’s intriguing is the press release describes the deal as bringing Watson’s “structured and unstructured data” to the party, not any grand cognitive capabilities. They specifically mention exposing data from IBM’s business within Salesforce. More evidence that AI is approaching a commodity but data is the new crown jewel.

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Pega CRM Adds AI-Based Analytics to Improve Service and Sales Effectiveness

March 6, 2017

Might as well stick with product news today. Pegasystems, which manages customer-related business processes, has announced new artificial intelligence features that will analyze “millions of actions taken every day on every desktop from any application” to uncover inefficiencies in sales and service operations. Examples include excessive toggling between different applications, time spent on unproductive activities, and productivity lost to slow system response. AI-based features don’t really qualify as news these days, but this item does illustrate how AI can be used for more than content recommendations.

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