Just 15% of Marketers Are Using Adtech Effectively: ID Comms Survey

All that growth doesn’t mean marketers are doing a great job managing their money. A study from ID Comms found that just 15% of advertisers say they’re using media technology effectively, even though 75% agree they need a clear adtech strategy. Good news for some of us: specialist tech consultants are the most trusted adtech advisors.

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Jumpshot Uses Mobile Panel to Expose Behaviors Inside Walled Gardens

November 28, 2017

Sometimes what companies do is less interesting than how they choose to present it. For example, Jumpshot tracks consumer behavior with a global panel of 100 million devices. They’ve chosen to describe that as a way to “unlock walled-garden data” so marketers can connect ad exposures to behaviors inside walled garden domains like Amazon and Google. They’re also positioning themselves as a campaign optimization solution, another hot topic. Two trends for the price of one.

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