Kibo Commerce Adds Personalized Recommendations

Unified commerce platform Kibo also has new integrations, although they’re with the Monetate and Certona personalization systems that Kibo already owns. The spawn includes personalized site search, personalized category pages, and predictive visual search. By happy coincidence, I also have this Lucidworks study showing that 78% of shoppers interact with product recommends and 62% often make unplanned purchases based on them.

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Sprout Social Adds Social Commerce Integrations

June 29, 2021

It’s kindof a big deal, but you’ve probably already heard that a federal judge has delayed, and perhaps killed, the big federal and state anti-trust suit against Facebook.  So I’ll report instead that Sprout Social is doing its bit to advance the cause of social commerce by integrating with Shopify and Facebook Shops. Sprout Social users will have easy access to customers’ purchase history while interacting with them through social channels.

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AdsWizz Offers Mysterious Solution to Digital Ad Attribution

June 29, 2021

Here’s an intriguing announcement from digital audio adtech vendor AdsWizz, offering an attribution system that connects audio ads with purchases in other channels.  They embed a tracking pixel in websites to capture consumer behaviors and somehow connect the “digital breadcrumbs” to figure out which behaviors are the result of the audio campaigns.  Exactly how they do this, they do not say.

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Grammarly Raises $200 Million to Help People Write Better

November 24, 2021

If robots wrote the news, would they write about other robots?  I ask because there’s been a suspicious burst of items about AI-powered writing tools, just when live journalists might have set things on autopilot so they could sneak out early for the holiday.  Top of the list: writing-suggestion platform Grammarly just raised $200 million at a $13 billion valuation, doubling total funding to $400 million.

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