Lack of Training Holds Back Marketing AI Deployment: Marketing AI Institute

More than half (51%) of the respondents to this Marketing AI Institute survey said they think artificial intelligence is very or critically important to their success in the next twelve months.  But just 29% of respondents are confident in their AI knowledge and 81% say their company doesn’t provide training on the subject.  Personalized consumer experiences (41%) and better insights (40%) are effectively tied as the most common marketing AI applications.

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Majority of Marketers Now use Multi-Touch Attribution: MMA Global

July 19, 2022

For the first time ever, more than half (53%) of the marketers answering MMA Global’s State of Attribution survey said they’re using multi-touch attribution (MTA).  Users report an 8% return on investment increase from MTA and 71% say it’s a critical part of their measurement toolkit, along with media mix models and experiments.  But many are concerned that tracking restrictions with make the necessary data less available.

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Security and Technology Block AI Use in Call Centers: Talkdesk

July 19, 2022

Contact center managers have a different take on AI: Talkdesk reports that 87% feel at least moderately familiar with AI applications in the call center and 85% believe it’s important.  But they list security, infrastructure, resistance to change, and lack of quality data as the top barriers, not training.  Oddly enough, fewer companies report having deployed AI systems than one year ago.

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Big Tech Suffers Big Drop in Customer Data Trust: Jebbit Survey

August 8, 2022

Greater public attention to privacy has reduced trust in all tech providers, including those like Apple and Google that have positioned themselves as privacy-friendly.  Apple’s rank in Jebbit’s annual Consumer Data Trust Index fell from 17 to 43, while Google fell from number 4 to 89.  Amazon fell just slightly, from first to fourth place, while Facebook actually improved a bit from 97 to 88.

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