Lithium Shuts Down Klout as GDPR Day Approaches

In a move that seems to be somewhat GDPR related, Lithium announced it is shutting down its Klout social media influence scoring platform. The main reason is that Klout is no longer relevant to Lithiuum’s social media management business, although GDPR’s consent requirements may have hastened things a bit.

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Shoppers More Likely to Buy Unfamiliar Brands on Amazon: CPC Strategy Study

May 14, 2018

At least everyone trusts Amazon, right? Well, CPC Strategy did find that 53% of shoppers are more comfortable buying unfamiliar brands on Amazon than anywhere else. But 70% are at least moderately concerned they’d end up with a counterfeit product on Amazon and almost 80% don’t fully trust Amazon reviews. Other interesting information on use of voice-enabled devices, how many look past the first search page, and checking prices against non-Amazon sites.

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Two-Thirds of C-Suite Can’t Recognize Bad Data: Fivetran Report

December 6, 2021

Like the determined optimist who tells his boss the factory is on fire by reporting they’ll soon be able to update their equipment, let’s find some silver linings in a batch of gloomy surveys today, Dear Reader.  We’ll start with this Fivetran report, which finds that 85% of data leaders say their company has lost money by basing decisions on bad data, and 66% believe their C-suite can’t tell when that happens.  The bright side is there’s lots of room for improvement.

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