LiveIntent and FullContact Partner for Cross-Channel Identity Resolution

Right on cue, here’s another report on vendors vying to replace those much-lamented third party cookies. Email ad platform LiveIntent is partnering with identify resolution vendor FullContact to createa a privacy-safe ID that tracks consumers across channels. LiveIntent is working hard at this: you may recall it has previously announced related alliances with Kochava and RubiconProject.

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TransUnion Purchases CDP-like Signal

August 18, 2020

We originally classified Signal as a Customer Data Platform, but the company repositioned as an identity resolution system so we took them at their word. New management has since pivoted back in the CDP direction although they don’t use the term. It’s now moot, since they were just purchased by data collection giant TransUnion, which describes them as a tool for real-time data collection and customer data management.

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Customers Have Mixed Response to Personalization: Study

August 14, 2020

This report from personalization vendor found an increase in loyalty compared with five years ago, but responses were collected before the pandemic began. The over-all finding that personalization generates loyalty is still probably valid, although customers like personalized rewards and discounts much more than personalized advertising. One weird twist: personalized Web experience, marketing email, and mobile notifications were rated both the most likely to increase brand loyalty and to decrease it.

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