LiveRamp Offers First-Party Identity Matching Engine

LiveRamp, whose main business has been matching clients’ data against its own identity graph, is now helping clients match their own data against itself.  Portrait Engine, now in beta, lets clients use LiveRamp’s matching technology to build custom ID graphs.  They can build different graphs for different purposes and still match their data against third party information from LiveRamp and others.

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Two-Thirds of Companies Fail to Properly Govern AI Models: FICO Report

May 27, 2021

Analytics systems like Contentsquare and Invoca rely heavily on artificial intelligence. But this FICO report paints a disturbing picture about AI governance: it finds just 20% of companies actively monitor their AI models for fairness and ethics, and 68% of respondents say their company’s processes to ensure AI complies with regulations are ineffective. Almost as many, 65%, say their AI systems can’t explain how decisions are made.

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Celebrus CDP Adds Identity Graph Builder

May 26, 2021

D4t4 Solutions’ Celebrus CDP is offering its own system for matching first-party identifiers and assembling customer profiles based on the results.  It runs in real-time and takes advantage of Celebrus’ core technology, which collects detailed behavioral data without conventional Web site tags.  If you’re wondering about the name “D4t4”, it looks like “Data” if you print it in the right font and have had a pint or two.

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