Lumio Raises $15 Million for Ad Fraud Prevention

Lunio is a new kid on the ad-fraud-detection block.  Unsurprisingly, they claim to be a better job than earlier arrivals.  But if they explain how, I couldn’t find it; all we know they use “a combination of data analysis and cybersecurity techniques to catch and block fake clicks at the source.”  We also know they just raised a $15 million Series A.

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DoubleVerify to Monitor Quality on Best Buy Retail Media Network

October 3, 2022

You might think that ad fraud would be less of a problem on retail media networks than the open web, and maybe you’d be right.  But fraudsters are a creative bunch, so it makes sense that media analytics vendor DoubleVerify is working with Best Buy’s media network to measure results, ensure viewability, and check for brand safety.  DoubleVerify will also help Best Buy monitor the quality of its own ad placements.

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Neilsen Offers ‘Four Screen’ Audience Measurement for Roku

October 3, 2022

A cynic might ask whether Nielsen’s much-criticized ad audience data is part of the ad fraud problem or the solution.  But I am much nicer than that.  So I’ll politely report that Nielsen is now working with Roku on a “four screen” ad measurement, reporting on deduplicated audiences across live TV, connected TV, desktop, and mobile video.  It’s one more component of the long-awaited Nielsen One cross-everything measurement service now promised for release in December.

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