MadKudu Raises $18 Million for Product-Use-Based Lead Scoring

Next up is MadKudu, which has offered automated lead scoring since 2014 and more recently focused on analyzing product usage data to find sales opportunities.  They just raised $18 million, neatly tripling their previous $9 million in funding.   Kudu is an African antelope species. I don’t know why he’s mad.

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Next Article Raises $14 Million to Identify Product-Led Growth Opportunities

November 16, 2022

Don’t ask why, but we have three items related to product-led growth today, Dear Reader.  First is the launch of, whose “no-code solution plugs into data sources and automatically runs thousands of proprietary analyses and ML models that examine millions of data points to reveal exactly what product and growth teams need to know.”  They use “causal influence methodology” and $14 million in seed funding to make it happen.

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