Magisto for Marketers Uses AI to Create Business Videos

Magisto says it’s “the world’s most popular smart video storytelling application”, which actually might be true if only because they get to define what that means. Puffery aside, it’s one of the cooler marketing tools out there: users submit video clips and Magisto uses artificial intelligence to assemble them into remarkably polished videos. The company just added Magisto for Marketers, which can auto-generate variations of videos for different purposes, run its own a/b tests, optimize for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and do neat stuff. Pricing starts at $49.99 per month, which is also pretty neat.

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Shocker! IT Departments’ Highest Priority Isn’t Marketing

December 5, 2016

Marketers may think that they and their systems are the center of the business universe but the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily agree. When Computerworld asked IT managers to describe their single most important technology project, marketing technology ranked a dismal 20th of 28 categories. The list was headed by security, legacy system modernization and on-premise software. Slightly better news is that “customer satisfaction/experience” ranked just behind productivity and security as the project goal. But it’s a safe bet that IT defines customer experience as more than better marketing.

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Valassis and Lityx Cooperate to Improve Media Optimization

December 1, 2016

Finding three machine learning stories in one day is pretty easy, so don’t be impressed. Here’s news that predictive analytics vendor Lityx (not to be confused with customer data platform vendor Lytics) has integrated its system with Valassis, which mostly delivers coupons through print and online media. The deal will apply Lityx’s analytics to Valassis’ massive customer databases to better target and optimize Valassis marketing campaigns. As one does.

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September 23, 2022
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