MailChimp Adds Online Storefront

MailChimp, which has already expanded beyond email into marketing automation, is now adding an online storefront and appointment-booking. A free-ish version of the storefront has no monthly fee, although users pay 2% of revenues. Or, users can pay $10 or $29 per month in exchange for lower transaction rates.

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MessageBird Raises $1 Billion, Pays $600 Million for SparkPost, and Buys Hull CDP

April 29, 2021

Omni-channel messaging platform MessageBird announced a $600 million acquisition of email optimization platform SparkPost, $1 billion Series C extension (from the previous $200 million), and entry to the U.S. market. We also just learned that MessageBird bought the CDP at the end of March, along with video platform 24sessions. The deals strengthen MessageBird’s competitive position against Twilio, which you will recall bought the Segment CDP last year.

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