Marketers Don’t Understand Artificial Intelligence But Want What It Does: Forrester Study

Finally we have a study about marketers. AI-based marketing platform vendor Adgorithms had Forrester ask marketers about artificial intelligence, mostly as it relates to what Forrester calls “contextual marketing”. The main finding was many marketers wrongly think they’re doing contextual marketing already. In Forrester’s words, “many marketers are operating with a very limited conception of contextual marketing and marketing optimization, to say nothing of next-generation capabilities like AI-driven marketing.” Confusion notwithstanding, nearly all marketers thought key AI use cases would be valuable (88% to 94%, depending on the case). Marketers cited cost as the primary barrier to using AI (48%), followed by finding the right AI technology (35%). Just 29% were concerned about integration – probably another sign that they haven’t really thought things through.

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Boxever CDP Repackages Components to Expand Beyond Travel

February 17, 2017

Let’s look at some companies outside the U.S. today.  We’ll start with Boxever, a Dublin-based Customer Data Platform and orchestration system that has specialized in the travel industry. The company has just repackaged its unification components as Boxever OneView and its orchestration tools as Boxever Engage. It’s part of a move to add retail and financial services clients. Packaging aside, the system capabilities are still pretty much as described in this recent review.on Customer Experience Matrix.

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86% of Consumers Rate Good Customer Experience a Reason to Share Data: Janrain Survey

February 15, 2017

Here’s a reminder why customer experience is important: a recent Janrain survey that found that “good customer experience” is the single most important factor in convincing consumers to share personal data. Experience was important to 86% of consumers, ahead even of control over communications (78%), compelling loyalty programs (74%) and promising not to share data with third parties (71%). But it’s not all about feeling warm and fluffy: 62% said they’d register to receive a product discount.

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