Marketers Pressing Data Suppliers to Prove GDPR Compliance: DigiDay

Indeed, the looming GDPR deadline has concentrated the minds of advertisers on data quality. DigiDay reports advertisers and agencies are demanding proof that data was acquired in GDPR-compliant fashion. The net result may be to remove marginal data sources from the marketplace (good) and to increase the power of data gathering giants like Google and Facebook (maybe not so good).

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UrboLabs Connects Consumers with Local Businesses

May 3, 2018

UrboLabs would eliminate print ads by connecting consumers directly with merchants. The vision is a tad grandiose (“become a single consolidated platform for users to interact with the world around them”) but they do have a cute map-based interface that lets consumers pick the businesses they want to hear from. They just launched in New York and New Jersey and received an undisclosed amount of new funding. Don’t confuse them with Urbo the bike sharing service or Urbo the parking meter payment system.

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