Marketers Using More Advanced Email Personalization: Litmus Report

Down at the simpler end of the spectrum, this report from Litmus finds that email remains a workhorse channel for most marketers, and in fact has become even more important since last year. The really good news is that users have become more sophisticated, with the more now doing tests and personalizing on advanced data including past interactions (up from 27% to 40%) and purchases (from 38% to 60%).

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IT’S THE LAW (9/15/2020)

September 15, 2020

A bill called the “Genetic Information Privacy Act,” has just passed both houses of the California legislature. It is designed to extend beyond biometric areas already covered by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Among the provisions in this new legislation, companies will be required to: 1) provide consumers with more detail about collection and planned use of DNA data, 2) honor consent requests and destroy samples within a specified period, and 3) ensure protection against unauthorized access to or tampering with data.

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Customer Data Platform Industry Adds New Vendors: CDP Institute Report

July 12, 2024

Software vendors continued to add Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities to existing systems in the first half of 2024, according to the CDP Institute’s latest Industry Update report.  Nearly all of the dozen companies appearing in the report for the first time started as marketing or messaging applications and added CDP capabilities after they were built.  These firms accounted for most of the industry growth during the report period.

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