Marketers Want Zero Party Data But Unsure How To Use It: Forrester Survey

Targeting data is threatened by new privacy constraints, so 99% of marketers are working to replace it, says this Forrester study for data verification vendor SheerID. Most (85%) see “zero party” data (data that customers share voluntarily, such as survey responses) as critical for effective personalized experiences, but 36% worry that customer answers are not always accurate.  Adding to the challenge: 42% of marketers have access to zero-party data but don’t know how to use it effectively.

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Targeting Is More Important Than Personalization: Nielsen Report

April 14, 2022

It’s all surveys today, Dear Reader.  First, this Nielsen study finds that marketers rate audience targeting and creative as more important for campaign success than personalization or journey-based messaging.   Most believe that effective targeting requires behaviors as well as contextual data.  Lots more here on channel growth and effectiveness, ROI measurement, marketing objectives, and related topics.

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One-Third of Marketers Likely to Replace Their Marketing Automation System This Year: Ascend2 Study

April 14, 2022

Nearly one-third (31%) of marketers plan to replace their current marketing automation system in the coming year, according to this Ascend2 study.  Another 43% are unsure about their plans.  Unfortunately, buyers prioritize price (58%) and ease of use (54%) over integration (22%), feature breadth (21%) and feature depth (19%), so their next system isn’t guaranteed to meet their needs, either.  Perhaps related: just 22% rate their marketing automation program as very successful.

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Salesforce Buys for Automated Customer Service

September 22, 2023

Salesforce is buying, which builds low-code, AI-powered e-commerce customer service agents.  You might have thought Salesforce could already do that, but presumably Airkit does it better.  It doesn’t hurt that the company founders sold a previous business to Salesforce, the company was partly funded by Salesforce Ventures, and the product is already listed on AppExchange.  Price was not announced.

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