Marketing Automation Buyers Prioritize Integration Over Features: Demand Spring Report

This Demand Spring report on marketing automation shows more typically positive results: 21% are very satisfied with their systems and 65% are fairly satisfied.  One disconnect: integration is the top factor in selecting marketing automation products but better reporting and more advanced features are the capabilities they’d most like to improve.  My take: most systems have adequate integration, so buyers should shift more attention elsewhere during the purchase process.

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Budget Woes Slow Martech Growth: CMSWire Report

September 15, 2021

Surveys usually find that marketers love their martech, but CMSWire reports that just 11% of digital CX executives say their tools are working well. The foul mood may reflect budget issues, which replaced siloed systems as the top digital CX challenge. CDPs are caught in the downdraft: only 18% list them as an investment priority, compared with 29% last year, even though the number considering a purchase remained the same at 33%.  The report does find that successful teams are more likely to have a CDP.

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