MarkLogic Offers No-Code Interface for Data Integration

Data integration platform MarkLogic is also hopping on the citizen-whatever bandwagon, offering a new “low-code/no-code” user interface for their Data Hub. Again, what’s special is the scope spans the entire data integration process. MarkLogic works with all kinds of data but puts unified customer view at the top of its applications list.

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80% of Companies Run Multi-Channel Campaigns But Just 10% Personalize in Real Time: Braze Report

April 2, 2021

Braze has released a Customer Engagement Index that measures brands’ sophistication across twelve competencies. One intriguing gap: while 80% of companies execute campaigns across multiple channels and 54% say they do this in a single system, just 10% personalize their communications in real time. On the other hand, 57% of companies in this Reflektion survey said they react in real time to customer behavior on their Web site.

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