MarTech platform Involve Asia expands to Vietnam

Involve Asia, a MarTech platform for partnership marketing in Southeast Asia, has expanded to Vietnam, marking its growing footprint in the region. Marketing partners in Vietnam face lengthy payment processes while working for marketers, and this is what Involve Asia aims to solve. The company said Vietnam is an important market for Involve Asia as it is one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia with a vibrant and technologically savvy population.

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Vietnam’s Society Pass spins-off lifestyle e-commerce arm Leflair into Leflair Group

April 21, 2022

Society Pass Inc (SoPa), a Vietnam-based loyalty and ecommerce firm, announced the completion of restructuring Leflair’s Vietnam operations with the spin-off of Leflair Group. As a result of this corporate restructuring, the Leflair Group is set to become Southeast Asia’s next lifestyle retail super distributor nexus, evolving from a single discounted platform to a lifestyle retail ecosystem, providing shoppers with an integrated and unique shopping experience from online to offline.

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