Meal Kits Will Expand Online Grocery Sales: NPD Group

Grocery is one of the few retail sectors that remained largely untouched by online competition. Amazon may change that with its Whole Foods acquisition, but in the meantime we have meal kit subscriptions. NPD Group finds adoption is still low – 5% of U.S. households – but will rise as prices come down and more young people enter the market. Subscriptions are a key competitive weapon in the battle for share of customer, since let companies make sales without going through search engines or advertising.

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Market Track Buys InfoScout to Tie Promotions to Sales Results

June 29, 2017

Competitive promotion tracker Market Track has acquired InfoScout, which captures sales information by scanning store receipts from a consumer panel. The combined firm will be able to connect marketing programs with sales results. John Wannamaker would be so happy. Market Track itself was purchased in April by Vista Equity Partners, whose other martech holdings include Marketo, Lithium, and Xactly.

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Vast Majority of U.S. Firms Still Not Preparing for GDPR: Spiceworks

June 27, 2017

I haven’t pestered you recently about GDPR (those new European data privacy rules, now less than a year away).  But this Spiceworks report shows just five percent of U.S. companies have even begun to prepare, so another nudge is in order.  Consider yourself nudged.  Remember that GDPR affects any company holding data on European Union citizens, even if the company is the U.S.

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Microsoft Lets Publishers Block Bing Chat Separately from Bing Search

September 26, 2023

Nearly one-third of major news publishers have blocked generative AI tools from reading their content.   But that’s a drastic measure which could also exclude their results from conventional search engines.  Microsoft has just given publishers the option to block access by Bing Chat without also removing their content from search results.  We’ll see if competitors do the same.

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