Media Culture Offers Media Attribution Suite

Hamlet read words, words, words, but we have trends, trends, trends.  Attribution is one popular topic, and brand performance agency Media Culture has offered its contribution by launching Abacus Multichannel Measurement Suite.  The method to their madness is finding the long-term, incremental impact of cross-channel impressions.

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Consumers Want More Empathy Than They Get: Salesforce Report

May 11, 2022

Consumers agree there’s an empathy deficit: Salesforce reports that 73% expect companies to understand their unique needs but 56% say they’re treated as a number. Other tidbits: 88% say experience is as important as product or services; consumers are more comfortable sharing their data now than two years ago; and while 85% expect a consistent customer experience across departments, 60% say companies fail to deliver it. Download for more.

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Meta Releases Lying, Offensive AI and Pretends to Be Surprised

November 23, 2022

Like trouble, bad behavior by Meta shows up whether you look for it or not.  The latest is an open-source language model that was supposed to provide reliable search results because it was trained on academic papers.  Alas, it was quickly withdrawn after reviewers found that it returned results that were grammatical and plausible but also incorrect, not to mention filled with “antisemitism, homophobia, and misogyny.”  How can this be a surprise?

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