Mobile Still Dominates Total Ad Market: eMarketer

But don’t abandon mobile just yet. When you take non-video ads into account, it’s still king: eMarketer reports mobile will account for $87 billion in U.S. media spend this year. That’s two-thirds of all digital advertising and just over one-third of the entire total ($238 billion). eMarketer pegs non-digital TV at just $71 billion.

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Turbo Systems Lets Business Users Build Enterprise Applications

February 26, 2019

Turbo Systems has launched “the first universal, no-code engagement platform for the enterprise”. According to the company, it has the “potential to disrupt the very nature of how applications are built, managed, and consumed” by enabling users with ”zero developer expertise” to create “dynamic, highly personalized enterprise applications” on top of existing ERP, CRM, and human resources systems. I’m skeptical. Then again, the company has raised $8 million to fund the revolution.

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