More than 59,000 Data Breach Reports Filed in Europe Since GDPR Took Effect: DLA Piper

Facebook may face special scrutiny but privacy regulation has affected businesses throughout the European Union. A report by global law firm DLA Piper found that more than 59,000 personal data breaches have been reported to regulators since GDPR took effect in May 2018. The Netherlands shows by far the highest breach rate but the report notes that differences reflect factors such as variations reporting rules and what it tactfully calls “culture”. The report doesn’t compare notification volume against pre-GDPR periods but other studies show a sharp increase.

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LiveRamp Adds Connected TV to Its Cross-Channel Identities

February 12, 2019

If I remember correctly, the television sets in Orwell’s 1984 were surveillance devices. Coincidentally or not, today’s connected TV enables advertisers to know exactly who’s watching what. LiveRamp has further improved things by connecting TV viewers with their email, mobile, postal, and other identities. “Consumers can experience meaningful and relevant brand-connection moments across screens” says LiveRamp, blithely assuming that’s a benefit.

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Aprimo and Episerver Form Strategic Partnership

February 8, 2019

You may have thought today’s theme was mobile, but it’s really partnerships. Ha! We’ll finish news that marketing management platform Aprimo and digital experience platform Episerver are working together. The alliance lets Episerver users apply of Aprimo’s digital asset management and marketing resource management functions to unify content management and campaign planning. Interestingly, Episerver and Aprimo are both owned by different private equity investors.

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