Most CMOs See Data Privacy Regulations as Opportunity: Dentsu Aegis Survey

Tools like DemandJump can improve near-term results but high growth companies focus on longer term brand health, according to this Dentsu Aegis survey. Lots of sage advice here but what struck me was 64% of CMOs see data protection legislation as an opportunity to build consumer trust. Good for them.

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Salesforce Partners with Alibaba to Enter China

July 26, 2019

You always seem interested in Salesforce news, Dear Reader. We’ll test that by reporting that the company will partner cloud services giant Alibaba to sell its systems in China. This will presumably require acquiescing to Chinese data privacy and surveillance rules. Perhaps a bit of a moral quandary but this is the same Salesforce that ignored objections to working with the current U.S. regime’s immigration agency.

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Getty Offers Gen AI Tool Built Only with Licensed Images

September 28, 2023

Unauthorized training data isn’t an existential threat to generative AI but it’s certainly a headache for users and developers alike.  Most developers are trying to exclude materials that creators have explicitly labeled as unauthorized and citing “fair use” as justification for copying everything else.  Getty Images has taken an opposite approach, building its gen AI tool only on materials that are explicitly licensed.  It’s possible that tracing the provenance of training data will become a standard, similar to how organic food producers trace the origins of their ingredients.

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