NBCUniversal Launches First-Party Targeting Tool

Walled gardens don’t need to struggle with audience measurement because they already know who sees what.  NBCUniversal is taking advantage of that omniscience by launching NBCUnified, which integrates first-party data on 150 million individuals and 80 million households collected through movies, video, ecommerce, subscriptions, theme parks, and heaven knows what else.  The data is enhanced with third party information and made available for ad targeting.

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Nielsen Promises to Identify CTV Viewers in Real Time

January 7, 2022

Current ad measurement champ Nielsen has been on the ropes but they did recently counterpunch with Streaming Signals, which promises to say who within a household is currently watching a connected TV show, so advertisers can bid on programmatic ads accordingly.  That would be a good trick but it seems they’re just making assumptions about the type of person who watches each show.  So the real trick is avoiding the term “contextual”.

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Three-Quarters of Companies See AI/ML As Important Revenue Drivers: SambaNova Report

January 24, 2022

Do you miss those innocent days when every product announcement breathlessly reported the new system or feature was “AI-based”? If so, here’s a whiff of remembrance from AI infrastructure provider SambaNova Systems, who found that 78% of large companies rate AI and Machine Learning as important revenue drivers. Yet even they have a curiously mixed attitude, citing (in their press release) a NewVantage Partners study that found only a quarter of top companies have scaled AI/ML across their organization.

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