Neustar Launches a Clean Room of Its Own

Neustar has launched Marketing and Analytics Clean Room, following the industry trend of utterly generic product names. Despite the name, Neustar says its product is a “first-of-its-kind solution” that uses advanced identity resolution, machine learning, and privacy-enhancing technology to combine first, second, and third party data from many marketing and media sources including connected TV and walled gardens.

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Adobe Adds Privacy Enforcement to Real-Time CDP

June 15, 2022

Adobe announced several enhancements to its Real-Time CDP, including automatic enforcement of consumer privacy preferences and company data access policies, clean-room-like audience matching, predictive account and lead scoring, and tighter integration with Adobe Commerce.  Meanwhile, a separate announcement about enhancements to Adobe Analytics described it as the “single workspace for brands to unify data and insights across all media types”, which sounds CDP-ish. It’s a reminder that Adobe sees its CDP as one of several tools to access unified customer profiles stored in a separate platform layer.

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Blueshift Announces New Snowflake Integration

June 15, 2022

CDP Blueshift has released a bi-directional integration with cloud data platform Snowflake, making it easier to load Snowflake data into the Blueshift profile database and to post Blueshift data into Snowflake.  The dozens of other announcements from Snowflake’s Summit conference included integrations with data clean room products from Habu, Acxiom, and Aidentified, and a tighter connection with reverse ETL product Hightouch.

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