Neustar Launches Real-Time Marketing Optimizer

I trust that you, Dear Reader, are in that data-driven minority.  So you’ll be happy to learn that Neustar has launched a real-time marketing optimization platform powered by its detailed data on consumers activities.  It’s all here: marketing mix models, multi-touch attribution, data clean room, cookie-free measurement, person-level exposure tracking, journey analytics, and a cure for baldness.  (They didn’t mention baldness but I think it’s implied.)

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October 11, 2021
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Industry Groups Seek Alternatives to Old-School TV Measurement

October 19, 2021

TV audience measurement may not be the most fascinating topic ever, but it’s important to some Dear Readers.  Those will be interested to learn that NBCUniversal is organizing a forum to explore new measurement products.  Participants include major trade groups, agencies, and brands.  Motivations include the new TV viewing methods and problems with the once-standard Nielsen ratings service.

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