NewsCred Raises $20 Million for Content Marketing

NewsCred helps companies plan, execute, and measure content marketing programs. Not as sexy as privacy (who ever thought they’d be reading that?) but still important. They’ve just taken $20 million in new funding, bringing their total to about $109 million.

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Cheetah Digital Buys Wayin and Neustar Partners with Freckle to Add Privacy-Safe Data

July 11, 2019

Despite consumer doubts, marketers have clearly begun to think that privacy is good business. Exhibit 1: when Marketing software company Cheetah Digital announced purchase of interactive experience platform Wayin, they described it in terms of collecting “zero party data” for permission-based marketing. Exhibit 2: Neustar has opened its “Identity Data Management Platform” to data from Freckle, which pays consumers directly for access to their information.

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