Newsletter Open Rates Rise Due to Coronavirus

My best three items today are all about B2B marketing, but I know it’s not your favorite topic, Dear Reader, and at the end of such a rough week I want to share something you’ll like. So let’s instead lead with a report that dynamic content vendor LiveIntent has found that email newsletter open rates are notably higher this week. It’s true that the reason is people are stuck at home due to coronavirus but we’ll take good news where we find it.

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Sinch Buys for Multi-Lingual Chatbots

March 20, 2020

Am I the only one who suspects that all those offices left empty while everyone works from home are actually swarming with robots who are writing press releases about themselves? That would explain why today’s news is all about AI. First up: mobile customer engagement platform Sinch has purchased, which builds multi-lingual, multi-channel conversation-bots that are clearly smarter than I am.

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Marketers Struggle for Personalization Success: RedPoint Global Survey

September 27, 2021

This Harris Poll study for Redpoint Global offers a sobering view of customer experience reality.  They found that marketers are twice as likely as consumers to think brands deliver an excellent experience (51% vs 26%), while under half of the marketers who use advanced technologies including personalization, AI-driven recommendations, or multi-variate testing think they are having great success with them.  Fun fact: the average number of customer engagement systems is now 16, nearly double the figure in 2019.

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