Nielsen Consolidates Streaming Audience Measurement Services

Streaming video of all types is a hot topic, of course. One big trend is making it shoppable, and here’s news that YouTube is adding features to do that on connected TV platforms. Meanwhile, Nielsen gonna Nielsen by measuring it: they just consolidated their measurement tools for streaming services, platforms, content, and devices.

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FTC Commissioner Argues Against Consent-Based Privacy Rules

October 8, 2021

We almost never mention speeches by politicians or regulators, for the excellent reason that what they do so often differs from what they say. But I’ll still call out this speech by FTC Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, because she states clearly that consent-based privacy rules have failed and what’s needed are legal limits on how much data companies can collect. I agree, and so do a growing number of people in Washington.  Fundamental change in the advertising industry could result.

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