Non-CDP TruSignal Updates Their Platform

Just for fun, let’s write about a company that’s not a CDP (and doesn’t claim to be). TruSignal builds audiences with first party data from multiple sources and applies an identity graph to build unified profiles. Sounds CDP-ish, but TruSignal only stores audience tags, while a real CDP stores full details of customer behavior. They’ve just updated their platform with a new user interface and audience building tools.

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Direct-to-Consumer Buyers Favor Connected TV of Social and Ecommerce Sites

April 16, 2019

Connected TV means more than addressing individual consumers: it means consumers can buy things through their video device. Sure enough, this study from Telaria and Hulu shows that connected TVs are the medium of choice for buyers of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. DTC buyers spend 70% more time streaming TV than using social media and 80% of DTC shoppers think DTC brands give them a closer relationship than shopping on Amazon. Serving this market is another way that Publicis will benefit from Epsilon’s direct marketing heritage.

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