Ogury Announces $21 Million Series C for Behavior-Based Mobile Ads

Next, we have a report that Ogury has raised $21 million in Series C funding. Ogury partners with mobile apps (Android only) to build anonymous individual-level behavioral profiles with “every app or website the user uses or visits the entire day on their mobile device.” Somehow I doubt the consent language is worded quite so directly. Ogury then targets recommendation-style ads based on the profiles. The $21 million was actually raised last year but just announced, and it’s not news until someone learns about it, right?

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ANA Pushes to Loosen California Privacy Law

February 7, 2019

When California passed a strong Consumer Privacy Act last year, many expected it would be watered down before taking effect in 2020. So far that hasn’t happened and, with the deadline fast approaching, it seemed the law might keep its teeth. Or not: it turns out that California is still working on regulations to implement the law and, sure enough, the Association of National Advertisers and other groups are lobbying hard to limit its impact. We’ll see if public concerns about privacy can overcome industry pressure. Anybody taking bets?

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Just 17% of Martech System Replacements Are Home-Built: MarTech Report

July 7, 2022

The build-vs-buy debate never ends, and sometimes build really makes sense.  But buy is clearly the way to bet: just 17% of martech replacement projects chose a homegrown solution this year, according to this MarTech survey.  That’s down from 31% the year before.  CDPs were among the least common replacements, maybe because they’re awesome and maybe because most CDP implementations are fairly new.  Download for more fun facts.

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