Ogury Lets Visitors Choose Their Video Ads

If you’re worried about the more conventional privacy issue of companies sneakily collecting your data for ad targeting, meet mobile ad network Orgury. They’ll target ads with your data but only after you agree to prominent consent notices. They also let publishers give you the choices of seeing relevant ads based on your data, seeing untargeted ads, or seeing no ads and paying for content. Ogury recently added the ability to let users choose which of three video ads to view, an option that increases ad engagement.

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Programmatic Ad Supply Chain is Impenetrably Complex: ISBA and PwC Study

May 8, 2020

Finally, UK ad trade group ISBA and PwC have conclusively proven that adtech is a hot mess. After two years of work, PwC media experts and data scientists could only map 12% of 267 programmatic million impressions from advertisers to publishers and couldn’t account for 15% of total spend. They did find that publishers receive just half the money paid by advertisers. Brilliantly illustrating the obvious, they conclude “this supply chain complexity seems unlikely to be consistently in the best interests of market participants.”

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Big Tech Suffers Big Drop in Customer Data Trust: Jebbit Survey

August 8, 2022

Greater public attention to privacy has reduced trust in all tech providers, including those like Apple and Google that have positioned themselves as privacy-friendly.  Apple’s rank in Jebbit’s annual Consumer Data Trust Index fell from 17 to 43, while Google fell from number 4 to 89.  Amazon fell just slightly, from first to fourth place, while Facebook actually improved a bit from 97 to 88.

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