Okera Raises $15 Million for Data Access Controls

You were even less interested in data privacy vendor Privatar’s $80 million Series C. But I’ll still mention this $15 million raise by Okera, which is also helps companies to discover and manage access to sensitive data. Some day you’ll thank me.

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Protecting Personal Information Is Most Common Use of Encryption: Ponemon Institute Study

April 8, 2020

Enrichment is good, but not if it’s done with stolen data. Encryption is one way companies avoid that. This Ponemon Institute study found that Protecting customers’ personal information is now the most common reason for using encryption (54%). The most common challenge (67%) was discovering where sensitive data is stored in the organization – something else a CDP often helps companies to do.

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Google Kills FLoC, Runs Out of Bird Metaphors, Offers Topics API

January 26, 2022

Google has given up on its FLoC cookie-less targeting initiative, which faced insurmountable privacy objections. The replacement, which mercifully does not reference anything bird-related, is Topics API, which will offer three recent interests for each individual based on sites they have recently visited.  The loss in targeting and tracking power is so huge that you wonder if Google is purposely showing what tighter privacy is costing the industry. Or maybe they’re just kneecapping competitors.

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