One-Third of Martech Replacement Systems are Built, Not Bought: Third Door Media Study

This Third Door Media / MarTech survey found 67% of organizations replaced at least one marketing tool in the past year, with marketing automation (24%), email distribution (23%) and CRM (23%) at the top of the list.  Interesting, but there’s no baseline of how many had each type of system in the first place.  Just over half said getting better features was the main reason for replacement – far outpacing cost.  About 30% of the replacement systems were home grown.  Download for more on decision time, upgrade champions, Covid impact, and more.

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One-Fifth of Companies Use Marketing Automation to Its Full Potential: Ascend2 Survey

September 8, 2021

Ascend2 took a look at the state of marketing automation and found that just 20% of respondents feel they are using their system to its full potential.  Lack of training (39%), resources (32%) and budget (31%) were the most cited obstacles, ranking well ahead of poor integration (16%), missing features (14%) and decentralized data (14%).  This doesn’t mean integration is a solved problem: just 7% of respondents said their marketing automation is fully integrated with other systems and 29% said it’s mostly integrated.

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Two-Thirds of Marketers Say Other Companies’ Content is Mostly Irrelevant: Lucidpress Research

September 8, 2021

This just in from Lake Wobegon: two-thirds (68%) of respondents to this Lucidpress survey said they’re confident that most of their company’s content is relevant, even though only 32% find other companies are sending relevant content to them. Possibly related: 27% consistently measure the ROI of the content they create. Just 32% say more than half their content is personalized.

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