Optimove Buys Axonite for Real-Time Event Sharing

CDP Optimove has purchased Axonite, a real-time event streaming framework built on Apache Kafka and Confluent. Translating from tech-speak: it will easier for Optimove to ingest, react, and share events as they happen. We can all see the value in that.

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Retina Raises $5 Million to Find Bad Customers

February 10, 2020

Retina’s founders didn’t get the memo that AI is no longer cool and have positioned their system as using it to predict customer lifetime value. They take the rather hostile attitude that “a majority [of new customers] are poison for the business” and promise to weed the bad ones out quickly. They just raised $5 million from backers who probably expect the majority of their investments to fail but miss the irony.

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In-House Martech Improves Data Use: DigiDay and Bannerflow

February 6, 2020

And since we’re looking at surveys about data, let’s finish with this DigiDay report for Bannerflow, which found that 41% of companies make better use of their data after bringing technology in-house. Most intriguing finding: companies with a stand-alone in-house agency fell to 36% from 59% a year earlier. They either made embedded agency skills in their marketing teams (35% vs 23% the year before) or went back to external agencies (29% vs 17%).

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Two-Thirds of Companies Plan More Customer Data Use: Treasure Data Report

January 28, 2022

Is there anything more fascinating than other companies’ customer data strategies, Dear Reader?  I thought not.  Here’s a Treasure Data study on that very topic.  Random factoids: data silos are a more common problem (34%) than data quality (24%); data and IT departments are responsible for customer data strategy at 49% of companies, while marketing is responsible at 11%.; 63% of companies plan to expand use of customer data.

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