Organization is Biggest Obstacle to Marketing Effectiveness: Korn Ferry Survey

Finally, Korn Ferry reports that CMOs feel analytics and personalization are the functions they most need to improve, but organizational alignment is the biggest obstacle to being effective. Another conundrum: 52% say they can’t connect marketing activities to company performance but 45% say their bonus is driven by financial results. For all the talk about customer experience, just 13% say customer satisfaction is the most important factor in their bonus and only 12% cite brand health.

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IAB Europe Releases Consent Framework for Publishers

April 25, 2018

Since Web content seems to be today’s theme, let’s round it out with news that IAB Europe and IAB Technology Laboratory have released a framework for publishers to gather visitor consent for sharing their data with third parties. If I’m reading it correctly, a Web site pop-up would let visitors specify which from a list of third parties can have their information. It will take some pretty great marketing to make that work. Some European publishers have already signed on but we’ll see how others react.

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