OTT Accounts for 13% of All Digital Ad Spend: Pathmatic Study

OTT (Over-The-Top) TV, which refers to video delivered outside of cable or satellite networks, targets ads with first-party data owned by the service provider.  This Pathmatics report finds it accounted for 13% of total digital ad spending in recent months and reaches 72% of U.S. households.  Fun fact: the average consumer watches video on three devices (not necessarily all at once).

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Advertisers Target Audiences, Not Screens: Pubmatic Research

March 28, 2022

First-party data is also the punchline of this Advertiser Perceptions study on cross-screen video advertising, for Pubmatic.  Most (54%) of the publishers they surveyed said that advertisers care more about targeting audiences across screens than targeting on specific screens.  First-party data is what lets that happen.  Related: just 28% of programmatic ads are bought on the open market; others go through private marketplaces or negotiated deals, where more data is available.

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Informatica Launches Data Management Cloud for Retail

March 25, 2022

Industry-specific CDPs are one of the trends we’re tracking.  Informatica just added another to the list with its Intelligent Data Management Cloud for Retail.  It includes unified customer profiles to enable personalized digital shopping experiences, support for privacy compliance including customer data access requests , and help with operational chores including supplier and inventory management.

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