Out-of-Home Ads Work Great, Finds OOH Ad Vendor

Out-of-home advertising is about as far from the metaverse as you can get.  It’s no particular surprise that this study from OOH marketplace finds 96% of OOH advertisers are happy with their results, that 78% plan increased spending, or that 68% find the buying process is “chaotic”.  A bit unexpected: more use traditional OOH (51%) than digital (41%) while just 8% use both.

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Americans Skeptical of Metaverse: Ipsos Study

September 26, 2022

People with human friends can use augmented reality to ask their advice while shopping remotely.  But while that’s a popular application, this Ipsos survey finds that Americans generally doubt that AR or the metaverse in general will make their lives better.  In fact, most said it was not interesting (39%), a privacy risk (22%), or just hype (20%), while a mere 17% found it exciting and 19% said it would help them learn new things.

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IT Departments Rarely Prioritize Marketing Needs: Airship Survey

September 23, 2022
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Large Organizations Use Average of 367 Applications: Forrester Report

March 27, 2023

I can’t bring myself to lead with yet another generative AI story, so we’ll start instead with this Forrester report for Airtable, which found that organizations have lots of software applications.  The average is 367 in use at large organizations, with teams using an average of 45 daily and individuals using an average of 52 weekly.  No surprise here but a good reminder of why data integration is so important.

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