Pega Checks for Bias in AI Decisions

AI-powered recommendations are great but racial, gender, and other biases are a known problem. Customer engagement vendor Pega has added Ethical Bias Check, which simulates the results of an AI-driven strategy and checks if results skew towards or away from a particular group. We don’t know how well it works but give them credit for trying.

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Adobe Adds Predictive Features to Audience Manager and Experience Platform

May 22, 2020

You do love Adobe headlines, Dear Reader. So although I’m not entirely impressed that Adobe Audience Manager has added an ability to predict which segment a new Web site visitor will eventually join, I’ll mention it. For good measure, I’ll throw in a separate Adobe announcement from earlier this week, that they are adding AI-based predictive model scores and multi-touch attribution to Adobe Experience Platform.

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Two-Thirds of Companies Plan More Customer Data Use: Treasure Data Report

January 28, 2022

Is there anything more fascinating than other companies’ customer data strategies, Dear Reader?  I thought not.  Here’s a Treasure Data study on that very topic.  Random factoids: data silos are a more common problem (34%) than data quality (24%); data and IT departments are responsible for customer data strategy at 49% of companies, while marketing is responsible at 11%.; 63% of companies plan to expand use of customer data.

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