Pegasystems Adds Paid Media Bids to Customer Management

Business process and customer experience management vendor Pegasystems has extended its marketing offerings to include paid media. The Paid Media Manager will estimate the value of individually-targeted ads on Facebook, Google, and other networks. It will typically push lists of known individuals and the ad value for each individual to external networks, although it could also respond in real time to requests for an individual value. The important feature is the values are updated dynamically using predictive models and data a client collects about its customers in the Pegasystems database.

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Segment Helps Companies Track Visitors Across Company-Owned Domains

June 7, 2017

Customer Data Platform vendor Segment has introduced Cross Domain Analytics, which lets brands track customer activity across their own digital properties by using second party (i.e., shared) cookies. This lets them avoid reliance on third party cookies owned by other companies. Segment notes that second party cookies are less likely to be blocked than third party cookies, providing more complete information. The downside is Cross Domain Analytics won’t track customers across other companies’ properties.

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Ad Blocking Hits 40% And Rising: AdBlock Plus and Global Web Index

June 5, 2017

Ad blocking by consumers isn’t a response to fake news, although it does threaten the economics of both legitimate and illegitimate publishers. A study from AdBlock Plus and Global Web Index found that 40% of respondents used an ad blocker in the past month. Ad blocking is likely to increase since it’s more common among younger users, just over half the respondents still don’t know ad blockers are available, of U.S. and mobile ad blocking happens less often in the U.S. (so far) than in Asia.

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