Persado Adds API to Generate Personalized Messages

Persado goes beyond “first” to call itself the “only” company to generate personalized marketing messages with a “transformer model fully connected and pre-trained on behavioral data.” They say this “selects the words that will drive action” in ways that other systems do not, and who am I to argue? (Learn about transformer models.) What’s new today is they’ve added an API to embed this magic in other vendors’ systems.

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AB Tasty Buys Epoq to Add Site Search and Recommendations

October 6, 2022

Personalization and experimentation vendor AB Tasty is also claiming a first: it just acquired site search and recommendation vendor Epoq, which it says makes it the “first in our class to offer the market a consolidated approach to delivering relevant and consistent digital customer experiences.”  The main story here is bundling of experiment-based optimization, recommendations, and search.

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Latin American NFT marketplace Minteo raises $4.3M seed round

October 6, 2022

Minteo is targeting its beta version to be released next month. The platform should be fully live to the public by the beginning of 2023. Minteo plans to differentiate itself through its infrastructure and focus on working with local artists and brands. The capital will be used to build up the platform, get artists on board from Colombia and Mexico then over time expand into other Latin American countries.

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