Persado Reveals Most Effective Word Choices

Speech is important but reading isn’t dead. In fact, careful word choice makes a huge difference in ad performance, according to this study from automated creative tool Persado. Did you know that percentages like “45% discount” drive on average 23% more engagement than specific dollar amounts like “over $100 savings”? Or that “complimentary” outpulls “free” by up to 21%? It’s the perfect Daylight Savings Time gift for that copywriter in your life.  And it’s complimentary.

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Clari Spreads Buyer Analytics Across the Enterprise

March 11, 2019

Ah, Spring. A time for change. Right on cue, predictive sales management vendor Clari is changing its scope to include all revenue-related departments. Clari assembles customer and prospect data from multiple corporate systems, generates forecasts and other analytics, and will now share the results with sales, marketing, and customer success teams. It would be a Customer Data Platform if they exposed the data to external systems, but it seems they do not.

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