Personalization May Matter Less Than You Think: Ascend2 Report

This Ascend2 report on data-driven marketing holds some surprises.  Personalization (46%) turns out rank behind customer experience (58%) as the most important trend for the next year, while predictive analytics (28%) is ranks lower than improved data integration (33%).  AI and machine learning are dead last at 10%.

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Interactive Features Head List of B2B Go-To-Market Tools: Demandbase Report

September 20, 2022

Here’s another unexpected result: Demandbase finds that just 23% of B2B marketers see free trials as their most important tool for attracting new customers, ranking far behind interactive features including product tours (46%), interactive demos (45%) and online calculators (43%).  You may or may not be surprised that missing (59%) and dirty (56%) data are the biggest data challenges while disconnected sources are cited by just 40%.

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September 23, 2022
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