Personalization May Matter Less Than You Think: Ascend2 Report

This Ascend2 report on data-driven marketing holds some surprises.  Personalization (46%) turns out rank behind customer experience (58%) as the most important trend for the next year, while predictive analytics (28%) is ranks lower than improved data integration (33%).  AI and machine learning are dead last at 10%.

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Interactive Features Head List of B2B Go-To-Market Tools: Demandbase Report

September 20, 2022

Here’s another unexpected result: Demandbase finds that just 23% of B2B marketers see free trials as their most important tool for attracting new customers, ranking far behind interactive features including product tours (46%), interactive demos (45%) and online calculators (43%).  You may or may not be surprised that missing (59%) and dirty (56%) data are the biggest data challenges while disconnected sources are cited by just 40%.

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64% of Advertisers Say Apple ATT Hurt Campaign Results

February 2, 2023

You’re probably heard about IAB CEO David Cohen’s blistering attack on privacy advocates.  Here’s why he cares: 64% of advertisers told Wpromote their campaigns were less successful after Apple introduced App Tracking Transparency, which requires user permission to track their behaviors.  Lots more here on alternatives to third party cookies (Google’s Topics API is leading the horse race), data clean rooms, state privacy regulations, and using CDPs for advertising.

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