Personalized TV Ads Are Closer Than You Think (or Want)

Or should we go full retro and predict the rebirth of TV? Quite possible, so long as a it’s a modern, interactive TV that’s as good at spying on you personalizing your experience as your computer or mobile device. Here’s a Wall Street Journal article on three companies leading the way.

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Marketers Expanding In-House Programmatic Capabilities: ANA Study

December 20, 2017

Still, programmatic is far from dead. This ANA study reports it accounts for 78% of digital display spending and the share continues to increase. But the ANA confirmed that marketers have brand safety concerns and found that 35% of marketers taking over more programmatic work from their agencies. Already, 47% own their tech provider contracts and 32% do their own audience planning on a DMP. There’s considerably more in this study: it’s worth a download if you’re interested in the topic.

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Google Plans New Consumer Controls Over Targeted Ads

May 13, 2022

Google will give consumers more control over the ads they see, replacing current Ad Settings and About this Ad options with My Ad Center later this year .  The unified offering will let users specify the brands and topics they want to see, change personal information used to target ads, and make it easier to see who paid for an ad they are viewing.  It’s doubtful many consumers will bother with the settings but the features give more control to those who care.

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