Phishing Attack Breaches Klaviyo Customer Data

Klaviyo had its own funding event recently, a $100 million investment by Shopify.  Today’s item is less pleasant: a data breach involving an unspecified amount of consumer data.  The breach apparently resulted from a phishing attack, as did the Twilio breach we reported yesterday. It’s possible the same attackers are to blame.

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Adobe Adds New Integrations for Real Time CDP

March 22, 2023

Adobe is running its Summit conference this week, which means lots of product announcements.  Real-Time CDP has its share, including customer segments created by generative AI and various types of integrations with Merkle, Epsilon, LiveRamp, Adobe Commerce, Marketo Engage, Amazon Ads, and TikTok.  They also announced general availability of Privacy and Security Shield, a package of privacy features including HIPAA support.

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