Plerk closes US$12M Series A led by Softbank’s Upload Ventures

Plerk, a Mexican startup offers companies a set of benefits for their workers. It is a platform of benefits that companies can flexibly give to workers ranges from gym passes telemedicine to grocery vouchers. Plerk serves 300 businesses and 40,000 thousand employees, including in Mexico, Colombia, and Chile.

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Mexico’s MEDU raises US$4M to produce sustainable medical apparel

September 8, 2022

MEDU Protection is a Mexican startup that develops sustainable medical apparel to reduce environmental impact, reducing up to 25 kg of waste per garment in an industry that generates up to 5 million tons annually. MEDU Protection’s business model has been based on creating gowns, surgical hoods, and coveralls with a resistant fabric that protects against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Each product has an integrated chip with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

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